Best Kalimba Thumb Finger Piano in 2019. Mbira Buyers guide

The top thumb and finger piano kalimba instruments. A list compiled for you.

The Kalimba, a western readaptation of the popular Mbira (also known as the African hand piano) is a very interesting instrument. From its looks to its sound, everything about this miniature piano for the fingers is fascinating, just like the marimba. The Kalimba is modern and sounds beautiful, yet, homage must be paid the Mbira as the source of its existence.

a kalimba thumb finger piano in wood

Kalimba buying guide

In this list of reviews, I’ll try to help you find the best Kalimba instrument for you based on the different features, characteristics and playability. the goal is to get you an instrument that will bring you joy and lots of pleasant playing experience.

How the Kalimba sounds

Here is a video in which you can hear a Kalimba being played by a skilful traditional musician. Hear the beautiful characteristic sounds emanate from this magical instrument.

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This buyer’s guide is currently being put together and will be released soon. We hope you check back soon.

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