BTS microphone colors. Meanings and color owners.

BTS used to have custom-made microphones, all in the same color. However, during their stadium tour, the members came out with their own microphone colors.  Since each member chose their own color, color psychology can tell us a lot about their personality. In this post, you’ll learn the different BTS microphone colors, their meanings, and the changes they’ve made since.

RM: Blue

BTS leader RM’s microphone color is blue. This is a very fitting color since he always calmly leads his members. People who like blue tend to be creative and loyal.


This loyalty was seen when RM continued to support Korean short-track skater Hwang Dae Heon after he was controversially disqualified during a short track speed skating event. He didn’t yield to the malicious comments and criticisms and even congratulated the athlete for bagging a gold medal for South Korea at the Beijing Olympic winter games.


Blue lovers are said to be rational, stable, and reliable as well. In fact, this is the color psychology behind blue uniforms, to convey an authoritative yet calm and confident demeanor.


Even when BTS was just starting, leader Kim Nam Joon showed that he was strong in the face of malicious comments. On an episode of 4 Things Show, he read malicious comments saying that he doesn’t look like an idol and that his rap was terrible. He simply replied, “I will prove it to you all.” Years later, they’ve proven them wrong over and over again.

V: Green

More popularly known as V, Kim Tae Hyung’s microphone color isn’t hard to guess since his favorite color has always been green. Aside from a green microphone, he also often uses matching green earpieces and accessories.


In 2019, BTS participated in the 61st Grammy Awards. While they didn’t win any awards, V went viral for being the “guy with the green hair” with amazing looks.


All in all, it’s just fitting that V’s microphone color is green. So, what does being a green-lover mean for V?  Well, green is a dominant color in nature. It symbolizes harmony, tranquillity, and peace.


When asked during an interview with Billboard in August 2017 what he would be doing if he didn’t become a part of BTS, V answered farmer. Since his parents were too busy with work, Kim Tae Hyung was raised by his grandparents on a farm in Daegu, South Korea.


During their debut era, V also stated in an interview that he plans to retire from singing and dancing once he’s 40 and live a quiet life with his future wife and family.

Jungkook: Purple

The youngest of the seven members, Jungkook’s chosen color for his microphone is purple. In color psychology, this means that Jungkook is a charismatic person with an intuitive soul.


Being a mix of red and blue, the color purple shows both energy and calmness. Purple lovers are introverts as well but they’ll never leave a friend in need.


Over the years, Jungkook’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test results have changed several times. From an INFP, he became an ISFP and then an INTP. One thing has remained constant though. The letter “I” which stands for introverted.


Jungkook even said that he was so shy that during his years as a trainee, he used to wait until the rest of the members were asleep before taking a shower. He went on to say that it was V who helped him come out of his shell.

Jimin: Gold

As for Jimin, his choice of color for his microphone is a shiny gold. This particular shade of yellow symbolizes big dreams and achievements as well as success and quality.


His craving for success can be seen in his tendency to work hard. In fact, he’s been dubbed by the Big Hit staff as Mr. Tenacious since he practices so much that sometimes he gets nosebleeds.

Jin: Pink

Jin has many aliases with Pink Prince being one of them. He gained this cute nickname thanks to his amazing vocal skills and dazzling visuals. Of course, it’s only right that the Pink Prince comes with a pink microphone to match.


Pink is the color of unconditional love and nurturing. As the oldest BTS member, Jin is always taking care of the members and is a natural Mr. Nice Guy.


During the 2021 Lotte Duty Free Family Concert, ARMYs were surprised to see Jin sporting a green mic instead of his usual pink. In a Zoom meeting with their fans, Jin revealed that he decided to go for a green one for that concert simply because the green jewels caught his eye.


It’s a temporary thing though seeing that Jin went back to his iconic pink microphone soon after.

Suga: Black

Next, we have Suga whose microphone color is black. In color psychology, black is a heavy and intense color which symbolizes power, elegance, and mystery.


This power can be seen in his passion and confidence in music. Aside from being a rapper, he’s a songwriter with more than 100 songs credited to him by the Korea Music Copyright Association.

J-Hope: Red

J-Hope is another member whose mic color has changed. Throughout their Love Yourself World Tour, he used a silver or sky blue mic. However, on their final concert of the same world tour, he switched to a bright red mic.


When asked why he changed his microphone color, he replied, “I just wanted to look pretty.” Well, nothing wrong with choosing red for purely aesthetic reasons.


In color psychology, red is linked to passion, power, confidence, and enthusiasm. It’s a very suitable color for one of BTS’s main dancers.

BTS Microphone Colors at a Glance

Here’s a summary of the microphone colors of each BTS member:


  • RM – Blue
  • V – Green
  • Jungkook – Purple
  • Jimin – Gold
  • Jin – Pink
  • Suga – Black
  • J-Hope – Red


Well, that’s it for this post. What do you think about the BTS microphone color meanings? Do they match the members’ traits and personalities? Thanks for reading this far!