Piano Marvel by Aaron Garner

Piano Marvel Review.

The Product: Piano Marvel

The Owner(s): Aaron Garner

Price: $15 per month

Website: http://www.pianomarvel.com/

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Aaron Garner Story

In this review, we here at Review2Sound are going to take a look into this product by Aaron Garner.

In March 26, 2009, the Piano Marvel LLC was created. After devoting several years of developing and arranging the Piano Marvel, Aaron Garner succeeded in making the teaching method. He tested it on his piano students. His main goal is make a way to educate everyone in music and make the entire learning process more fun.

With the introduction of the Piano Marvel, learning piano is no longer a painstaking and costly process. The Piano Marvel is created by Aaron Garner which is an online piano teaching and evaluation software. This can be used by anyone with or without the presence of an actual piano teacher.

This software introduces teaching tools to track every student’s practice schedule and development through practice logs. The results can be sent through email to the parents and guardians.


Each student plays alongside with the computer and obtains scores that can reward them with gold, silver and bronze trophies which are kept into their personal online trophy case. One trophy case is dedicated for Piano Marvel Method and the other for exercises in terms of technique. To help the students pinpoint the much-needed improvements, instant feedback are given.

Piano Marvel has a creative way of telling the users if they get it or not. For every mistake committed, notes turn red and turn green whenever it’s right. Also, the notes played early, late and wrong key are shown.

Aaron is a graduate of the University of Southern Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance in 1998. He earned his master’s and pedagogy in the University of Northern Colorado in 2000. His 5 years stay in UNC as a teaching assistant opened his eyes to the big need in teaching the music. He then developed enthusiasm in teaching music at elementary level.

Aaron saw the potential of using the advancement of computer technology as his tool in realizing his goal. He observed that the children of today have high interests with computers especially with video games.

He planned on plugging into their virtual world and guides them to use this platform for a productive, mentally motivating point. The younger generation are inspired to learn more about piano when they are having so much fun.

What You Get In The Product.

Using the Piano Marvel, you can gain the following:

  • Knowledge regarding scales and chords, ear-training, sight-seeing, rhythm training and a lot more.
  • Driving force to learning piano with intensified video game component to every practice.
  • Evaluation of the pitch and rhythm through immediate feedback.

With the timely and amazing technology, Piano Marvel has caught the attention and heart of not just the kids but also of many adults. Like the product hear and play, The highly-skilled team of software developers and the generosity of investors made this project possible.

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