Best portable vocal Isolation booth for 2019

A guide to help you find the best portable vocal isolation booth for your singing and vocal recording needs.

If you are looking for a portable isolation booth for on the go recording or if you are just looking for a booth you can sing or do your voiceovers in your own room, this compilation should get you on the right route to finding the best for you.

a microphone ready to record in a portable vocal isolation booth

Noise or static, one of the biggest enemies of clean recording sessions is the reason why professional music recorders use  sealed off booths in real recording studios. A private sealed recording booth is out of reach for the majority of us singers and musicians. Having a small portable booth to place your microphone and record is the next best thing.

Isolated recording booths allow for minimum disturbance to your microphone and permits you to make a quality recording of your voice.

Portable soundproof recording booth

Here below are some of the most popular portable sound recording booths, their main characteristics and features as well as the foremost opinion current users have about the kit.

  • isovox portable vocal booth
  • portable vocal booth diy
  • portable isolation booth
  • acoustic vocal booth
  • portable soundproof booth
  • how to build a vocal booth in a corner
  • curtain vocal booth

We are currently still compiling this list and will soon upload it. Here below is a video to get you started anyway.

What to consider when looking to purchase a portable vocal booth.

Please check back soon for the full compilation.