8 reasons why bands and musicians – artists go on tour

In our online-based world, personal connection is fading away as we interact more and more on-screen for our social connections and entertainment. For a band, or recording artist, concert touring concerts is one last stronghold and one of the few ways they can see, feel and perform for their fans in real life.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some reasons why bands and musicians still tour today. We’ll also answer some related questions you may have wondered about.


This article will combine small, medium and mega bands and musicians and share with you the main reasons why they go on tour. Most reasons are common to all levels of bands, though the actual benefits to going on tour for a small band or performer will be wildly different from those to be gained by a much bigger one.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Bands and Musicians tour to make money

There is money to be made by going on tour. This is the main reason why most musicians go on the road. From pay to perform fees, gate share, sponsorships and TV rights, the possibility to sell your music and merchandise, going on tour brings financial reward to performers. Big bands and musicians can take in millions during their tour while unknown bands may even lose money going on tour.

2. To promote their new releases/albums and brand

Ever noticed that your favorite artist or band goes on tour right before or during the launch of a newly released album? Yep, new releases need promotion and going on tour is a great way to promote this new music. Some of the biggest tours have been named after specific albums and new releases.

3. To interact and party with their fans

For musicians that revel being in the midst of their fans, touring is the best way to do this. They get masses of fans who came especially for them. For small to medium performers, there is actually a chance to mingle with the fans and get to know those who support your music.

4. To perform at festivals and music concerts

For small/growing bands and musicians, performing at popular festivals is a great way to get more exposure. A tour may include performing at various festivals.

5. To increase exposure, build fan bases and share their music with more people

There’s nothing like a good tour to bring your music to the people. For small bands, touring gets their faces on promotional material wherever they perform. More people get to find out about them and may become fans. For big performers, it is a great way to get a massive promotion and visibility countrywide/internationally.

6. For humanitarian and charity reasons

Fundraising and charity are some of the reasons a band/artist or may go on tour to perform. This great gesture helps raise money and awareness for a specific cause and we love when our favourite bands do this.

7. As a farewell or retirement tour

A band or artist may go on tour as a final hurrah just before retirement. This is usually very emotional for their fans as it signifies the end of an era. Whether the bands remain retired after this tour is up to them to decide 🙂

8. For the travelling and adventure

Touring is synonymous with travelling. It’s almost the same meaning. For artists and bands who love adventure, visiting different places and soaking up various cultures, touring is a great way to get work and fun done together. For small bands who pack up into a van or a bus and drive around the country, it is a real adventure as they usually don’t have all the travelling comforts of the much bigger and financially better-off groups.

Bonus extra reasons

Yeah, I know we promised 8 reasons why bands and musicians go on tour. But let’s keep going shall we:

9. For the love of performing

Believe it or not, there are many artists or bands who just love to perform, and perform in front of raving spectators. Going on tour is a thrill for them and the love for putting on a show may be a great excuse to do this regularly.

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