Do guitar amps and pedals come with cables? Let’s find out.

The question everyone who is interested or about to buy an amp asks is “will this expensive amp come with its own cables or do I need to add additional cables to the shopping cart?“. You’re in luck, as this post will fill you in on the answer.

Most guitar amps will not come with their own cables. You have to purchase amplifier cables as an additional expense is you with to connect your new amp to your guitar. The only exception to this is if it is stated in the offer that the amp contains cables or if you are buying a starter/beginner kit which will come with all you need to get set up and running right out of the box.

What Cables Does An Amp Need?

 The cable that is needed to plug your guitar to the amp is called a

What Is The Cord That Connects Guitar To Amp?

 Amps are connected to guitars using an audio cable that terminates in a 6.3mm or 1/4 mono connector. The quality of the connector wire and jacks varies by materials used and price. Well insulated noise-free cables with gold plated jacks are the ones to look for if you are in the market for one. Though they tend to cost a bit more than their budget variants, the invest is a solid one to make if you want to have long lasting performance and not have to be in the market for new cables once the cheap ones break.

Do Amps Need To Be Plugged In?

Yes, your amp will need to be plugged in to a source of power to function. Depending on the size and power requirement, the power source could range from simple batteries to a wall socket outlet at full household voltage.

Are All Amp Cords The Same?

 Most of the cables needed for music gear come with standard 1/4 plugs and jacks, fortunately. This means that you are able to order an amp cable as an after-market purchase and it should plug right into your gear and you’ll be rocking and rolling soon afterwards.

The quality, however, varies a lot. You should go for quality cables produced by a reputable producer, made with quality wiring and gold plated jacks. The last thing you need is a cheap cable causing humming or buzzing noise and interference in your jam sessions.

Can I Plug My Amp Into A Power Conditioner?



Is It Ok To Leave My Guitar Amp On?

 Guitar amps are well built pieces of gear that are made to last a long time and be used for long sessions. It is ok to leave it on. However, it’s best to switch it off whenever you are not using it. This is for the simple fact that it will last longer when not in use.

There are also other dangers that may cause your amp to go puff… Such as:

  • Electrical malfunctions such as a surge in current to your home.
  • Multiple power outages followed by return of power

Switch off your amp when not in use and you keep it in the state it was right before you turned it off.

Should I Unplug My Amp When Not In Use?

In the point above, we discussed turning off the amplifier when not in use and if you can leave it on. If you’ve made up your mind that you want to have it turned off, the next question you may have is if you should leave it plugged in or not.

It depends, most amps disconnect all power to the systems once turned of, but some could keep an idle state where it is ready for fast restart once need. This means that power is flowing into the device, though not to the main components. If you have a power surge, it can cause damage to the amp.

We recommend you unplug the device if you know you won’t be using it for a long time. A handy tip will be to have the amp plugged into those power sockets that have a switch on and off. This will allow you to totally disconnect power to the amp without repetitively pulling out the cord or plugging it back in whenever you need to use it again. A simple flick of the the switch and the amp is cut off from the wall power.


So now we’ve found out the answer to the question do amps come with their own cables, we hope you know what to do and the direction to take when you are ready to purchase your amp. If your amp does not come with cables, a cheap solution could be to check your local online used items marketplace. Most quality amp and pedal cables are built to last and take punishment, and if well maintained by the original owner, can be bought second-hand and continue to provide long-term service to its new owner. You could pick up a bargain from someone who is getting rid or their gear.

There are also music shops that could sell items at a discount, refurbished or used but in good shape. Shop around as you never know what you may find.

Thanks for visiting and best wishes with your amps.