The Top Quietest Chiclet Low-Profile Laptop Style keyboards

Looking for a low profile quiet keyboard? Maybe something with a very short-travel that can mimic your laptop keyboard?

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My current keyboard, a cheap 20 USD genius slimline, was bought on the internet and one of the most important deciding factor was its price. Initially I felt great to have found such a “bargain, value for money” keyboard and mouse combo, but the more I used it, the more I had to force myself to like it so as to avoid buyers remorse.

Now it’s time to make the right investment into something that will bring me joyful use for the next 4 plus years. I have spent the last 6 months trying out multitudes of keyboards in local stores, watching review videos and researching for this very thing for myself.

While trying out the keyboards in person, it’s amazing how many “great candidates” I brushed off in the first few seconds of use. In this post below, I’ll condense my findings in a bid to help set you on the right course to finding the best keyboard for you. I’ll also try to include a video showing a typing sound test of the keyboard when possible.

This page is divided into subsections that will help navigate you to what you want.

1. Wireless low profile chiclet membrane keyboards

2. Wired low profile chiclet membrane keyboards

3. Wired low-profile mechanical keyboards

Silent keyboards I have looked at with interest so far.

Here below is a list of low-profile keyboards that are silent in their operation.

  • HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 600 or mouse combo 800. This is the one I am using now and it is the best keyboard I ever typed on. A great package overall, except for some quirks and funky layout decisions.
  • Dell Premier Keyboard and Mouse KM717 (Full size)
  • Dell km636 and Mouse (Full size)
  • Logitech MX Craft/Keys Keyboard (Full size)
  • Logitech K780 Multi-Device (Full size)
  • Logitech K380 Multi-Device (Non-full size)
  • Logitech k750 solar
  • Microsoft sculpt keyboard
  • Microsoft Surface Keyboard
  • Jelly comb Solar
  • Jelly Comb Ultra Slim (Non-full size)
  • HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2
  • HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard
  • Rapoo

What to look for in a silent keyboard.

If you are looking to buy a keyboard to replicate the laptop keyboard style then here are some important factors to consider. Paying attention to the points mentioned below will help you make solid decisions when it comes to which keyboard will actually be better for you when marketing jargon/hype and overall aesthetics are brushed aside.

  • Overall build quality and keyboard flex.
  • Shape and feel of the keys.
  • Battery life and type of battery used by the keyboard.
  • Connection type and size of receiver dongle.
  • If wireless, how fast does it go to sleep?
  • Lag and latency for typing response.

This post is currently in progress. Please check back soon.

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