What Is Dictaphone Typing?

In this article, we’ll take you through what Dictaphone typing is, and other related questions you may have about this. Let’s jump right in.

Dictaphone typing is a method of transcribing content that has been recorded with a Dictaphone device. It generally involves playing back and listening to pre-recorded articles, interviews, reports or spoken audio and then typing out the words into text.

Dictaphone typing is a very effective way to get a lot of words turned into text, but the transcriptionist must be fast enough to do the job effective and efficiently.

What is a Dictaphone?

A dictaphone is a recording device that is made for one person voice recording. While it can be categorised as a general digital voice recorder device, it is very specific in its own functions and has additional features that are made to allow the user to work more efficiently.

What are Dictaphone skills?


Is a voice recorder a Dictaphone?

on the surface yes cities,the voice recorder can be called the Dictaphone in its basic form. This however is due to the fact that Dictaphones are generally known under the voice recorder category of devices. The functions however are separate and more dedicated to Dictaphone typing and transcription.

What is a Dictaphone used for?

dictaphone is used to transcribe words into text. It is used to record the speaker’s voice for the purpose of storage in digital format or transcription into text digital format. It is usually used by professionals who have to record series of events, statements or other important information in voice format. This is the function of the Dictaphone in principle.

How do you use a Dictaphone transcriber?

Is Dictaphone still in business?


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