How To Get Kinks Out Of and Straighten Headphone Cords

Say you have a cord that no longer pulls straight, here are some tips that you can use to get those cords straight again. Mind you, these won’t be permanent solutions, because the cords themselves are destined to twist and become kinked. The speed at which this will happen depends on how well the cord is taken care of and wrapped on with daily use.

How To Get Kinks Out Of Headphone, Earphones Or Headset Cables and Wires

It’s also important to note that these tips provided below are what worked for me in my situation and for my own headphone cable. You perform these steps at your own risk and responsibility.

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How To Straighten Kinked or Twisted Cable

1. Heat With A Hair Drier

For the case where there is an actual kink in the cable that does not straighten out with simple pulling, then heat will have to be applied to the cord plastic/rubber insulation. This can be done with a hair drier. Simply have the cord secured to a holder on both ends till it is straight, then apply heat all along the cord (uniformly and from a distance, to avoid melting it) for a couple of minutes. Inspect the cord and repeat this process if needed, until you are satisfied with the results. Once the cord is straight, then you can proceed to use the tips in this article below to wrap and store your cords correctly.

The above tip will cork on rubber and plastic insulated cables. If you have a fabric braided cable cover, you will find a better solution if you twist the braid the opposite way to remove the kink.

2. Use Gravity To Straighten It

One way to untangle your cables and straighten them out is to hang a small weight on one end of the headphone cable and then the other end should be tied to something way off the ground. This allows gravity to act on the small weight pulling the cable straight again. You can do this overnight for a couple of days and it should help restore the original straightness of the cable. You can also apply some heat with your hair drier while they are in this tense state to accelerate the straightening process and have more permanent or long-lasting results.

3. Use the power (heat) of the sun

Lay the cable straight in the sun for some time until the kinks are gone, then coil them nicely.

Why Do Headphone Cords Get Tangled So Easily?

Cords are made up of many types of materials. Wires made of metal cable strands, plastic and rubber insulation and other filling material. All these materials are not all the same in terms of composition and all tend to bend at different rates. Coupled with the fact that the wires are loose, flexible and not supported in other ways, they tend to twist and turn if left unwrapped. As they can be quite long, this twisting ends up in the cord being tangled in itself. We can say that the default behaviour of a cable or cord is to become tangled.

How Do I Keep My Headphones From Getting Tangled?

Wrapping the cable

The only way to prevent tangling of your headphone cords is to have them wrapped in a way that they can be unwrapped without any tangles. There are many devices that can be used to wrap your cords around, but there are also simple ways to wrap the cords around the headphones themselves, or around your palm, then secured with the loose jack end.

Twisting the cord permanently – Making telephone cables coils

my jabra headset
DIY Headset wire coils

This will come in handy if you have an excessively long cord. It’s quite simple to do and relatively effective. Making a telephone wire in this case means you wrap your rubber or plastic insulation cord around a pencil to make coils, secure both ends onto the pencil and use a source of mild heat like a hair drier to blow on the coils till they take that shape. Once you release the cord from the pencil, it will maintain that twisted round shape and will be compressed into a shorter cord that extends when you pull on it.

How Do You Tie Headset, Headphone or Earphone Cords?

– Earphones

The easiest way to tie earphones is to hold on to the buds, then roll the cord around your 4 fingers (thumb excluded) till you get to 10 cms to the jack. Then you pull out the roll and use the remaining 10cm of cable to wrap around the whole thing, then lacing the jack into one of the 2 holes created. This should keep your earphones in a nice bundle.

– Headsets and Headphones

To store your headset and headphone cords right, simply hold the device by the band that goes over the head, then roll the cord onto the space between the speakers and the band and roll it onto that location of both speakers. Once you get to the last few inches or cm, then wrap the jack around the cord and store your headset into its bag.

Should You Wrap Headphones?

Yes, you should wrap your headphones cables and store them in their pouches or containers to prevent tangling and to extend the life of the cables therefore your headset or earphones. Not only does the wrapping and storage of these cables keep them working and untangled/unkinked – but it also keeps them clean and looking new for much longer.

How Do You Untangle Headphone Wires?


I hope this article was helpful. So that it folks, we’ve come to the end of the article. We hope this article was helpful and provided some information and tips on how to start the process of detangling your headphone wires and having them stay in a neat little bundle in future. It all depends on the way you take care of them. But by following these tips, you’ll not only keep your wise tangle-free but also extend the overall life of your beloved headphones, earphones and headsets.

All the best wishes.