The Best USB Foot Pedals for Transcription by Software

Here below are some of the best foot pedals that connect via USB to your software for transcription.

Hey guys and gals. In this post I’m going to share with you my findings after deep research into the best USB foot pedals for transcription. Foot pedals make transcription become very easy. You hands are free to continue to make corrections and type, while your foot controls the speed of the narration as well as pause and play it.

The increase in speed of transcription when using the foot pedal is massive when compared to the traditional pause and play with your hands system.

a yellow USB foot pedal for transcription

Foot pedals have become almost essential transcription gear and you’re leaving a lot of time on the table if you don’t use one. Time that can be allocated to new jobs or other things.

USB foot pedal for windows 10

Most software today require USB foot pedal connections and here below are the list of some of the best we found based on user reviews online, ease of use and features. the compatibility with Windows 10 and the necessary drivers needed to run your foot pedal are easily available online, so there are no worries there.We hope to be able to stare you towards the right foot pedal for your transcription needs.

This review is currently being compiled and will shortly be released.


Please check back when you can for the full USB foot pedals comparison review. See you soon.

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