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Play Worship Guitar by Aaron Anastasi

Updated on December 2, 2018


Play Worship Guitar Review.

The Product: Play Worship GuitarPlay-Worship-Guitar

The Owner(s): Aaron Anastasi.

Price: Starts at $1




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Aaron Anastasi Story

In this review, we here at Review2Sound are going to take a look into this product by Aaron Anastasi.

Play Worship Guitar is a teaching approach developed by Aaron Anastasi. It offers a step-by-step guitar guide for people to learn playing worship songs. Aaron is a musician and a worship leader from Southern California. He incorporates the power of the Internet to teach his system of learning guitar and numerous worship songs.

It took Aaron some time to develop the actual system. It was his initial goal to make a system that fastens the learning curve so that the results are immediate. He does not like the idea that someone has to spend a couple of hours a day just to get bored in the end.

Play Worship Guitar offers people everything they need to begin learning guitar and play their favourite worship songs. This complete step-by-step method that Aaron has developed allows beginners to learn easily in as little time possible. There is no amount of musical knowledge or ability to read music required. Play Worship Guitar is ideal for starters and individuals with limited guitar experience. Its approach works for everyone who wants to learn and play worship songs.

Play Worship Guitar Features Overview.

It is designed to make it simpler for students to learn guitar and earn these benefits:


  • Gain knowledge about guitar.
  • Develop the appropriate guitar essentials.
  • It helps to get rid of fatigue with warm-up exercises.
  • Watch and play along with Play Worship Guitar’s creator as he teaches the proper way to hold each chord.
  • Playing and remembering chords easily.
  • Enjoy chord changing exercises.
  • Learn more strumming patterns.
  • Discover octaves and learn how to play any song.

With Play Worship Guitar, students can use dynamic guitar techniques to make each song and chord progression exciting. Its barre chords can help a student play everything he likes. The guitar accuracy exercises are designed to develop students become skilful guitarists.

Everything that Play Worship Guitar gives is based on a building-block approach. Following the system will guarantee a smooth learning process. Aaron and the other coaches will offer guidance to the students.

What You Get In The Product.

This is the list of things that one can get from Play Worship Guitar:

  • A complete and easy system to learn guitar.
  • It features a 5-part video series called Songwriting Bootcamp.
  • Worship song updates given every month.
  • Each song has downloadable chord charts.
  • It provides 2 camera video lessons.
  • A reliable support team.
  • Bonus 1 (Online Chord and Scale Generator)
  • Bonus 2 (Guitar Tuner)
  • Bonus 3 (Online Metronome)
  • Bonus 4 (The Play Worship Guitar Songwriting and Bootcamp)
  • Bonus 5 (The Play Worship Guitar Guide to Leading Worship)
  • Bonus 6 (The Play Worship Guitar Daily Devotional)

I hope we helped you have a quick look at what Play Worship Guitar can offer you in this review.

Feel free to ask questions and comment below if you have anything in mind.

Thanks again for visiting and I wish you good luck.


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