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What Are EarthQuaker Devices?

Updated on December 2, 2018


EarthQuaker Devices Review.



EarthQuaker Devices are extra special effect pedals. This has been building guitar effect pedals completely by hand and founded by Jamie Stillman since 2004. The company’s shop which is not open to the public is located in Akron, in an old glass factory corner. This company makes their devices by hand, one at a time which is sometimes difficult.

While Stillman was road managing the Black Keys, he was at the same time beginning a line of great-sounding, hand-wired boutique pedals that would sell for a bit more than those of the widely available variety. His and the company’s ideas are endless and these are results of countless hours at a bread board, people’s suggestions and night visions.

In spite of bragging several cryptic names, the EarthQuaker founder’s effects frequently are likely toward the best variety – fuzz, modulation, overdrive, delay/reverb, octave, and boost/EQ. But Stillman has his personal take on these stalwarts, repeatedly pushing the confines of their parameters on both ends.


Stillman and EarthQuaker Devices have proven their determination as manufacturer and designer. The stompboxes of EarthQuaker Devices are appealing and often part of the pedal forums. This is one classic example of an entrepreneurial success story which provides valuable lessons about cautiously monitoring growth while staying true to the company’s vision.

I hope we helped you have a quick look at what EarthQuaker Devices can offer you in this review.

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