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The Best Online Piano Lessons For Beginners

Updated on December 2, 2018

Online Piano Lessons That Give Results.

Finding great free piano lessons can be a seriously daunting task.

The very fact that you are looking to learn to play an instrument like the piano can seam to be a very tall order for most beginners out there.

Piano Lessons for Both Adults and Kids

Whether you on adult or a kid, taking online piano training can be very beneficial to you.

The Internet gives you the possibility to learn at your own pace and take things slowly. It also helps to eliminate the fear or discomfort you feel in front of the real-life teacher.

Mostly, learning piano online is usually through video, audio and sometimes personal tutors.

Here is a free resource for learning how to play piano online. It’s called Hear and Play and they have a free step-by-step guide.

Click here to visit Hear and Play.

As a beginner, Review2Sound would recommend you start with some free online piano lessons and then progress onto the more advanced the versions.

The your guitar lessons as some of the best you can find online and there are a lot of free resources that YouTube on which you can find some.

Here below are some of the favorite YouTube videos in which you can learn a little bit about starting to play the piano.

How to play piano: The basics, Piano Lesson #1

The *OFFICIAL* How to Play Piano-Lesson 1 & Intro. For Beginners & Children – YouTube

Learn to Play the Piano | Lesson #1 | the notes of the piano

One of my favorite courses on how to play the piano is called rocket piano.

Click here to visit Rocket Piano.

It’s one of the most comprehensive courses out there on the Internet and its various step-by-step format.

My friends’ kid used rocket piano to learn how to play the piano for the first time and then advanced to a private teacher, so rocket piano is highly recommended by us.

Remember that were learning the new instrument like the piano, the start may look to be insurmountable but if you don’t give up and continue learning mistake after mistake you will eventually get better and even finally be able to play some of your favorite songs.

Learning to play the piano can be very rewarding and it’s a skill that lasts for a lifetime. You can impress your friends, or even play at parties.

So even if it seems too hard for you at the beginning, never give up and think about all the rewards get when you can finally play the piano.

I hope this short article helps you and puts you on the right back to the starting your online piano adventure.

Feel free to look to the sides for more details on learning how to play the piano.

Thanks again for visiting.


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  1. So many online piano courses on the internet. It’s so hard to find something that is worth the money these days.

    1. I hear you Garcia. I mentioned in the post a link the hear and play piano course. Check it out, it is by a reputable online music learning company.

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